Affiliate Disclosure
Affiliate Disclosure
AKA: What kind of magical internet money is this?
Ok cool. Got it. is only possible because the links on this site are affiliate links. When you sign up for hosting with our special link, our web hosting partner gets a new user, you get a free blog and we get a referral fee from the host for sending you their way. You don't pay any extra for this. In fact, you get a discount by using our link and partner discount code (freephotoblog)! It's a win/win/win.

Get a free photography blog theme. We'll even install it and set up for you. (For free).

You sign up for web-hosting, then we'll take care of the rest.

Beautiful. Powerful. Fast. Free.

Optimized for great search rankings, full mobile support and lighting-fast loading.

Broad browser support.

Don't let Internet Explorer stand in the way of your perfect client finding you. With your new free blog, your clients will be able to fall in love with your latest work, no matter which browser they use.

But will it look good on mobile?

According to Google, 61% of website visitors are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing. And since 80% of internet users own a smartphone, we've taken the time to make sure your new blog is going to look amazing on any device.

So... how does it work?

If you can click, you've got what it takes to get your blog!


Choose a theme

Just pick one of our themes below. All of them are mobile-optimized and ready for you to use to start building your brand.


Sign up for hosting

Sign up for hosting through our special link. You'll need hosting anyway, and this will get you award-winning hosting for as little as $5/month (even lower sometimes!)


Enjoy your new blog

Sit back while we install your new blog, set it up for you and hand you the keys. We'll even include a quick video to show you exactly where to start and how to use your fancy new blog!

Choose your favorite template.

Ready to get started? Great! Choose one of these beautiful, powerful templates.


Melanie is a clean and classic theme, ready to make your work and your words the main attraction of your new blog.


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Answers to your burning questions

We get it, you're skeptical.

Come on... free? You don't actually expect me to buy that, do you? How do you guys make money?
No, we don't expect you to buy it. It's free. (See what I did there?). To get your blog, you'll sign up for hosting (which you'll need to have, anyway) through our HostGator affiliate link. You don't pay a dime more (in fact, you get a sweet discount). You get a free blog template installed and set up for you, HostGator gets a new customer and they give us some money for sending you their way. It's a win/win for everyone.
I have to get hosting? That's not really "free" then, is it?
Yeah, it is. You're getting the blog template, the installation and the setup all for free. You do have to sign up for hosting, but you'd have to do that even if you paid for your blog theme and setup. It's sort of like winning a free car. You won't pay a dime for the car but, yes, you will need to put gas in it every now and then.
What if I want customizations to my new blog template?
We don't do any custom work, but we will be more than happy to refer you to some amazing WordPress gurus.
So do you guys host this thing, or will I have full access to the blog?
We'll set your blog up on your HostGator account, an award-winning web hosting company that's been around since 2002. Once we've finished setting up your blog for you we'll hand everything over to you and encourage you to update your password. It's yours. 100%.
But what if I already have a blog? Can you move my stuff to my new blog for me?
At this time we're only offering basic migration of posts and comments from existing WordPress blogs. We're not offering any custom services at this point.
So I have to use HostGator?
Yep. That's the only condition, really. Choose a template, use our link to sign up for HostGator and we'll take care of the rest.
You said you'll "take care of the rest". What does that mean?
After you choose your template and set up your hosting through our link, we'll get your new login information, log in to your hosting, install WordPress, install your new blog template, confirm everything is running nice and smooth, then send you your welcome packet.
Ooooh, a Welcome Packet... what's that?
Your Welcome Packet will include your login info, details on how to change your password, a quick video to show you how to start using your new blog and a list of ideas for your first blog posts. And anything else we might think of between the time we wrote this and the time you're reading it.
Do I have to be a photographer to get this deal?
Nope. We just know the photo world and wanted to build something for them. If you're not a photographer but you want a sweet deal on hosting and a free blog theme installed and ready for you, go ahead and sign up!
What if I hate it?
Well, that would suck and we don't want that. Thankfully, HostGator offers a 45-day money back guarantee with all of their hosting packages. And us? We'll give you your money back, too, I guess. (Get it? Because it's free? Not funny? Come on, that was at least mildly amusing, wasn't it?)
Who's behind
We're Sean and Chris, pro wedding and portrait photographers turned serial entrepreneurs. We create lots of stuff, individually and together, including other pro photography tools and resources.